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Why I am an ÖAG member

I became acquainted with the society when I was asked to teach English courses there in the late 70s. The opportunity to exchange opinions and cultural traditions, as well as to eliminate false beliefs and prejudice, is positive for both countries. Our program allows Americans away from home to take part in such traditional annual events as Thanksgiving and the 4th of July celebration, while giving Austrians insight into and understanding of American culture and providing a basis to form inter-cultural friendships.

Mag. Loretta Lichtmannegger

Why I am an ÖAG member

When I first came in touch with the AAS I was joining a class for English - conversation in 1985 because I realized my shrinking language- knowledge which I had from a one year stay in Connecticut in 1972. Then lifechanging things happend and I was too busy to be a member of the AAS. But now, being retired and living a settled life I appreciate very much, having found a social club with the possibility to meet people with american and english affinity and gladly join activities organized by Maria Ganauser for the members of the AAS.

Gudrun Ostermayer

Warum ich ein ÖAG Mitglied bin

Im aufnahmebereiten Alter von 16 Jahren verbrachte ich drei unvergessliche Monate in den USA. Sie begründeten meine Zuneigung zu diesem großen Land und seinen Menschen, die mir herzliche Gastfreundschaft boten, und mein bleibendes Interesse an seiner wichtigen Rolle in der Welt. Daher griff ich in Salzburg begeistert auf das Angebot gemeinsamer Erlebnisse von Amerikanern und Österreichern!

HR Dr. Monika Kalista

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